About Me 👨🏼‍💻

I'm a marketer by day and a one-person business enthusiast by night. I explore both these fields with a focus on curiosity and learning.

What I'm Working On

  1. 🚀 I'm the marketing lead, and an early team member at a Software as a Service startup called Upscope.
  2. 👨🏼‍🏫 I'm researching about (and in the process, building my own) one-person business. Uncovering best practices and secrets others can steal for their own dastardly plans.
  3. 📧 I'm about to start a weekly newsletter called 'Sunday Snack' 🍫 It's where I share my thoughts on various marketing-related and one-person business topics. As well as the best bits from the books, articles, podcasts and videos I've been enjoying. Maybe you should subscribe 😉
  4. ✍️ This website is the hub for everything I do. It's where I share my learnings across 5 main topic areas: Learn, Store, Write, Create, Build. I also share my tech stack and favorite applications/software.

Other things about me ...

  1. 🎮 I fit in a few gaming sessions in my week, mostly RPGs and RTS games. If I wasn't so occupied with my obsession around marketing and solopreneurism I would start streaming and making vids around my favorite games 🤩  
  2. 🏉 I play rugby (occasionally) and watch it (more than I should 😅). I'll likely be hanging up my boots soon, so I'm squeezing the last few years out of my knees and shoulders while I can.

Get in touch

  1. 💌 Email
  2. 🐦 Twitter
  3. 🤓 LinkedIn

Future planned projects 👀

  1. 🧩 Marketing consultancy service for early stage start-ups. Mainly Pre-seed, Seed and Series A (pending).
  2. 👾 Digital products, frameworks and courses around building a one person business part-time. (mid-2023)
  3. 🤖 Membership area for marketers who want to know where to start. (late 2023)
  4. 📚 Book on the power of 'Organized Thinking' (mid-2023)
  5. 🎨 Creative Agency for startups and personal brands (2024+)